More on the last error…

And this time it's straight from Active Voice Support:

M150-1 errors are Voicemail database corruption errors. These usually result from either a "dirty shutdown" (power failure, or other pc shutdown without first stopping voicemail), or from hard disk crashes. Given your other reported problems, I suspect the hard disk is dying.

To fix database corruption:

– Shutdown voicemail

– Open an OS/2 command window

– Change to the Non Voicemail drive (usually c:)

– run chkdsk on the vmail drive (usually Chkdsk e: /f)

– change to the spare drive (usually d:)

– md butemp

– change to the vmail drive (usually E:)

– cd /vmail

– save the important files (copy av*.av* d:\butemp)

– repair the database (vmailos2 dbchk /f)

– you may need to repeat step 8

– restart voicemail

*** N.B. Dbchk is destructive. It will remove any database records from the system which are damaged beyond repair. This could result in loss of subscribers, messages, system settings etc.

Voicemail may fail to start if the corruption is too severe. Voicemail may take a long time to start if it needs to rebuild indexes (.avk files). If repair is successful, you can delete the d:\butemp directory and its content. If repair fails, you will need to restore vmail database from backup (or as a minimum, from d:\butemp)

Given the history of this system (multiple O/S failures etc over previous weeks), I suspect it has hardware problems (probabaly a failing HDD or HDD controller, but there are other possibilities) and is likely to die completely in a short period of time. Even if it is returned to normal opreation in the short term, I would not consider this a reliable system unless a complete hardware diagnostics is performed, and the OS and Voicemail rebuilt from scratch.


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