The Prestige

[image title=”prestige” size=”thumbnail” id=”343″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]I love films. I love the way that you can watch a film and feel like a different person once you’re done. The way that when the credits start rolling you finally realise that you are actually still sitting in your living room, instead of being part of the action you’ve just witnessed. Most of all I love the way that a truly deep film can make you think.

The Prestige promises to be one of those films. One which leaves your head spinning once you’ve walked out of the cinema. One which you can’t help discussing with friends and colleagues, or convincing people to see so that you’ll be able to talk to them about it.

The Prestige, from veteran “awesome but crazy films” director Christopher Nolan seems set to be one of these films. Nolan has brougt us some brilliant films in the past; Memento, Insomnia and more recently Batman Begins. Immersive films where the usual schlock of hollywood crap has been swept aside. You see, most films these days are not just produced for the cinema. Because Television is also a major screening medium, films are frequently set up so that audiences can wander off for five minutes and still not miss too much of the movie. Not with Nolan. His take is that if you make a film, you bloody well make it right.

He also loves casting non-americans for american roles. British/Australian Guy Pearce as the lead character in Memento, British/American Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman (for both Batman Begins and the upcoming The Dark Knight). The Prestige will get a double dose. Two fantastic not-quite-american actors Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, not to mention a few legends thrown into the mix such as Michael Caine and David Bowie.

The story is set in turn of the century London, and is based around two Magicians Rupert (Jackman) and Alfred (Bale). Once the two were friends, but their rivalry has escalated and now the two are bitter enemies. When Alfred performs the ultimate magic trick, Rupert does everything in his power to discover the secret of the trick. Or “The Prestige” of the trick.

With such a brilliant cast, and a gifted director, The Prestige promises to be another landmark film full of twists and turns.


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