Australian Broadband – Where to go from here


In the past I've argued that Telstra is not to blame for the entire country's woeful broadband connections, and if competing carriers wanted to supply faster internet connections then they should roll out their own infrastructure. It's also been my point that carriers have no interest in rolling out their own network because it's much easier to turn a profit if you just make like a remora with Telstra, onselling their incredibly expensive ADSL services.

Past changes have allowed increases to internet access for ordinary Australians and greater overall choice and speed. In 2002, two years after Telstra's initial deployment of ADSL, Unbundled Local Loops were offered by Telstra to their wholesalers. This made it possible for wholesale providers such as OptusNet, Internode, iiNet and others to connect customers directly to their own DSLAMs, bypassing Testra ADSL Wholesale. This was essentially the first step towards releasing the stranglehold on Broadband which was previously held by Telstra.

There were also explorations into other technologies, such as Telstra's 17Mbps and Optus' 10Mbps Cable internet services as well as a number of Wireless internet providers.

So how badly off are we now?
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