Smoking: The Curious Pastime

As anyone who does not smoke will tell you, the act of smoking is a despicable thing which makes you smell awful, removes funds from your bank account at a frightening rate, and makes you incredibly prone to cancer and other smoking-related diseases. However, as a smoker I have a completely different standpoint. I would […]


Wii sales hit 100,000

[image title=”wii-shirt” size=”thumbnail” id=”321″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]The Nintendo Wii already has the title of fastest-launch seller of any console released in Australia, and today it added another feather to its cap. Figures from industry tracker GfK Australia show that 100,000 Wiis have now been sold down under since the console’s launch on December 7, 2006 […]

Why Australians don’t (and won’t) have Unlimited Internet Plans

[image title=”australia_population_density” size=”thumbnail” id=”325″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]Australia is the “Land Of The Wide Open Spaces”. Because of the sheer distances involved, it costs an arm, leg, six puppies and your first three children per kilometer to lay cable anywhere. God’s Own Earth Mate might have almost the same amount of land-mass as the USA does, […]

Telstra: Broadband? Or Fraudband?

[image title=”oldexchange” size=”thumbnail” id=”328″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]In telecoms, Telstra is no 800 pound gorilla. It’s an 800 pound colic-ridden infant, irritably throwing its toys out of the pram when it doesn’t get its own way. Whether you agree with what the government’s been doing on broadband policy or not, it’s become a hot electoral issue […]

Nintendo: Wii are going online

[image title=”brucewii” size=”thumbnail” id=”331″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]Next-Gen: Earlier this week, Reggie [Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America] had talked about getting serious about online. Sure, there are a lot of online gamers using Wi-Fi Connect, but I look at things that Sony and Microsoft are doing with their online programs, where they’re really creating communities and […]

Engineering Marvels: The English Electric Lightning

[image title=”lightning_f1_f3″ size=”full” id=”379″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the interception of Soviet long-range nuclear bombers was a very worrying topic for Western Military leaders. Models such as the Tupolev Tu-22 were already in development, and could reach Mach 1.5 at 40,000 feet – more than a match for the existing […]