Who is this astro bloke anyway?


[image title=”astro” size=”thumbnail” id=”239″ align=”right” linkto=”https://irrationale2.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/astro.jpg” ]I thought that after a lengthy absence I should probably let everyone know what’s been going on. Well, I’ve moved state, started my new job, been very drunk on very many occasions, and have been trying out some new game called “Real Life”.

It’s fantastic, this “Real Life” thing. The resolution and texture effects are state of the art, there’s a real currency system (although I seem to spend most of my cash on booze from the local innkeeper so that I can make the room go all spinny and giggle like a schoolgirl), and I spend hours a day grinding to increase my profession skill. At the moment it’s “Engineer”, which is cool. You get to build things and shit.You can even get girlfriends, which is awesome.

Long story short, though, I’m going to make a conscious effort to post more here and keep generally abreast of what’s happening in my home country, the internet. After all, I was born here, so it makes sense that I stop in from time to time.

Although I don’t know why I’m bothering to announce that I’m back, considering the only two people reading this right now are myself and my mother. Hi mum!


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Rant: Apple and Steve Jobs


[image title=”jobsandwoz” size=”thumbnail” id=”242″ align=”right” linkto=”https://irrationale2.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/jobsandwoz.jpg” ]I admit that this is probably a terrible place to start apon my great return to the interwebs, considering the massive polarity between Windows people and Mac people, and the inevitable shitstorm that is created any time the two names are mentioned together in the same paragraph, but hopefully the two sides will stop their petty bickering for a moment and hear me out.

I think Apple is great. I use an Apple at home for my designing/ publishing/internetting/musicing/porning, and am quite pleased with it. It’s not for everyone, but I like it (plus it gives me a nice break from using a Windows PC all day).

However, there is something that Apple has done to earn my ire.

You see, Apple have realised that they make so much money from the new versions of their computer operating system, OSX, that they may as well push this same mentality across to their handheld divisions.
Their new iPod Touch and iPhone products now give users the option to upgrade to the latest version of firmware for a fee of $25. A firmware upgrade, which would normally cost precisely zero.

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