Porn Coconut?


My girlfriend made a green curry the other night, and we were shocked to learn that the coconut milk was produced by a porn company!

… I sure hope it actually is coconut milk.


iPhones and Ringtones, Oh my!


Pay? Fuck you!

Pay? Fuck you!

When I got my new iPhone 3G last week, the first thing I tried to do was to put a few custom ringtones on it so I could have something different to my coworkers – we’ve all got iPhones thanks to the fact that my company lets us have them at cost, which is nice, but when one phone goes off everyone reaches for their pocket.

Initially I couldn’t see a way to do it. There’s no way you can just right click on a song in iTunes and ‘convert to ringtone,’ and when you search for ringtones on the iTunes store, you get a stack of horrible noises not worth spending money on. Not to mention the commercial software out there to convert tones for you. I ended up Jailbreaking my iPhone so I could scp the files straight to it.

But there is a way to convert your songs. It’s quite simple, and doesn’t require any extra tools or money to be forked out, and doesn’t require jailbreaking.

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Resistance is Futile





Since it came out, I’ve been glancing casually at the PS3 every now and then. While it is an awesome gaming platform, there weren’t any games that really tickled my fancy… Until now.


WipEoutHD is the latest in the WipEout series of combat racers, one of my favourite serieses of games. Something tells me this will be causing a very large chunk of cash to disappear from my bank account, and a PS3 and 50″ plasma to appear miraculously in my lounge room.

Why Quit?


Mmm... Yummy.

Mmm... Yummy.

Or more accurately, how?

Whenever you talk to people about quitting smoking, they usually sound like some kind of self-righteous broken record. “You’ll save lots of money,” they’ll say. “You’ll feel healthier,” they’ll harp. “Your clothes won’t smell like smoke any more!” they’ll blather.

I know that these reasons (and many more) might be motivation enough for some people, but personally they don’t make a lick of difference. Ten bucks a day is an amount I can comfortably afford, I feel absolutely fine and healthy (unless I have to do some incredibly strenuous exercise, then I get a bit wheezy), and I don’t generally care that my clothes are a bit whiffy because as a smoker you don’t really smell that.

As a result, when I’ve tried to quit in the past and have tried to use the standard money, health, social status reasons to focus on while quitting, I’ve failed miserably. Why? Because the pain and disruption of quitting massively outweighed the so called benefits I was keeping in my mind, and I’d end up firing one up. Saving money is nowhere near as important as avoiding discomfort.

But today I had a bit of an epiphany. I finally realised the motivation I need to quit smoking. The thing to keep in my mind to see me through the dark times when all I can think of is lighting up and filling my lungs with delicious smoke.

Quitting Smoking is Hard.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before, but that’s all there is to it. It’s so simple! Quitting smoking is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and it requires a massive amount of willpower and concentration to make it happen. And if there’s one thing that I love doing, it’s challenging my mind.

So I think this is the reason I’ve been waiting for, and I’m determined to make it work. Wish me luck!

Things overheard in an Elevator


Girl: Man, I’m kinda jealous that you guys get to buy your lunch. I just can’t afford it this week.

Guy: So what are you having for lunch?

Girl: Well, I brought some stuff in from home. In my fridge I found half a lemon, half an avocado and a tin of baby corn.

Guy: What? You can’t be serious. That’s nowhere near enough!

Girl: Well, I did find a tin of sardines, but that’s where I draw the line.