Porn Coconut?

My girlfriend made a green curry the other night, and we were shocked to learn that the coconut milk was produced by a porn company! … I sure hope it actually is coconut milk.

iPhones and Ringtones, Oh my!

When I got my new iPhone 3G last week, the first thing I tried to do was to put a few custom ringtones on it so I could have something different to my coworkers – we’ve all got iPhones thanks to the fact that my company lets us have them at cost, which is nice, […]


Resistance is Futile

  Since it came out, I’ve been glancing casually at the PS3 every now and then. While it is an awesome gaming platform, there weren’t any games that really tickled my fancy… Until now.   WipEoutHD is the latest in the WipEout series of combat racers, one of my favourite serieses of games. Something tells […]

The customer is…

Ever worked in a public-facing job where people have the belief that they’re always right, and you should do everything they can to help you with their inane request? is a collection of quotes from people dealing with difficult customers.

Why Quit?

Or more accurately, how? Whenever you talk to people about quitting smoking, they usually sound like some kind of self-righteous broken record. “You’ll save lots of money,” they’ll say. “You’ll feel healthier,” they’ll harp. “Your clothes won’t smell like smoke any more!” they’ll blather. I know that these reasons (and many more) might be motivation […]

Things overheard in an Elevator

Girl: Man, I’m kinda jealous that you guys get to buy your lunch. I just can’t afford it this week. Guy: So what are you having for lunch? Girl: Well, I brought some stuff in from home. In my fridge I found half a lemon, half an avocado and a tin of baby corn. Guy: […]