Regarding the new Star Trek film

Quinto as Spock
Quinto as Spock

It seems that our friends in Tinseltown have been hard at work, and the trailer for the next Star Trek film is almost apon us. A number of sites around the net have screenshots from the trailer, one of which is to the right – Zachary Quinto taking up the role of Spock.

There are plenty of Star Trek fans out there who are really worried about this new addition to the Star Trek stable. They’re worried that it is non-canon. They’re worried that it’s going to be an actionfest. They’re worried it’s going to be absolutely nothing like the original.

But consider this: There is no real Star Trek canon, and new directors take the franchise in their own direction because that’s what they need to do. If everyone churned out the same shit over and over again it would suck extreme balls. Not that trying something different has been easy for Directors and Writers – with TNG everyone whined because there wasn’t a Vulcan, DS9 everyone whined because it was on a space station, Voyager because there was a female weak captain, and Enterprise because of a multitude of reasons (mainly that theme song).

Same with new actors portraying old characters. Everyone says that they hope Quinto delivers a ‘Nimoy’ Spock, and is true to the character. What? I hope instead of a ‘Nimoy’ Spock, we get a ‘Quinto’ Spock. His interpretation of the character. His strengths and weaknesses shining through. Because nothing would suck more than him trying to portray Spock exactly as Nimoy did.

I know that you’re all worried about this. But remember: This has the potential to be rather awesome, and I’ll tell you why – Remember when you first saw Lost? Remember how everyone was talking about it and couldn’t wait for the next episode so they could get their next fix? It could be like that, but it’ll only be 2 hours long, and won’t overstay its welcome.

Could be.


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