Hmm. Time for a redesign?

Perhaps it’s just that I’m tired of the old look. Perhaps it’s that I’ve been influenced by some of the awesome typographic sites out there on the net. Perhaps I’ve watched the film “Helvetica” one too many times. But I think it’s time I re-kerjiggered this joint. Any suggestions?


Iphone screenshot howto

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone is a pretty simple affair, and doesn’t actually require a special app to make it happen. Simply press and hold the lock button, then tap the home button. The screen will flash, a camera shutter noise will be played, and your new screenshot will be dropped in your camera […]

Recovering from WoW: Day 1

When I started playing World of Warcraft around four years ago, I would never have imagined that a video game could dominate my life. I thought I was just sitting down to play a game, but I was wrong. Very wrong.