Dr. StrangeRAID, or, how I learned to stop worrying and love ZFS

So now that we’ve chosen to go with Solaris and use NFS for our filesystem, let’s consider how we’re going to use ZFS to best suit our needs. So let’s say that I have four 1Tb disks lying around which I want to thow into my new file server. At some point in the future, […]


Expanding your OpenSolaris NAS

After yesterday’s guide on setting up a Solaris NAS, I figure the next logical questions would be: How do I change out disks which have failed? How do I change out smaller disks for larger ones? Can I add more disks to my pool? All three questions are quite easily answered, and can, for the […]

Home NAS with OpenSolaris

After a few requests, I’ve decided to put together a simple howto for building a home NAS with Opensolaris. The main reasons to choose Opensolaris are simple: Common PC hardware is all you need. No propriatary disk bay system. Gigabit Ethernet. Well, providing your network card and switch support it. Cheap, redundant disk arrays with […]