All moved in (again)

A little while ago I decided to move my blog from my home linux server to a Rackspace cloud server so that my frequent meddling with my home server wouldn’t keep bringing my site down.

But today I decided that the easy-peasiest way for me to host this site would be to go full circle and move it back to with a custom domain.

For anyone who’s considering moving a self-hosted wordpress blog back to, the process is pretty simple.

Create a new blog on, then use the import/export functionality to dump all the stories out of your old blog and import them into the new one. It’ll even bring across the pictures you uploaded and store them in your new storage space.

Then once you’ve got it looking right, click “Upgrades” and select to map your domain. You’ll need to have access to the DNS settings of your domain so you can point the nameservers to, but it’s a relatively simple process and there’s a stack of howtos available.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with my Wiki.


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