System Shock 2 on Windows 7

A lot of people I talk to rave on about how good Bioshock was, but they don’t seem to realise that Bioshock is the spiritual successor to two great roleplaying first person shooters – System Shock and System Shock 2.

My favourite of the two is System Shock 2 (SS2), a dark, gritty shooter with heavy roleplaying and an atmosphere you could drown a cat in.

If you’ve never played SS2 before, I highly recommend that you track down a copy and install it – even if it is just to compare it to Bioshock and the Steampunk/Cyberpunk dichotomy of the two.

Like most older games, SS2 is a bit finicky to get running on modern versions of Windows – but not impossible.

  1. Insert your SS2 CD (or mount the ISO)
  2. Open a command prompt (windows + R, then type CMD and press enter)
  3. Browse to your CD drive by typing its drive letter followed by a colon and enter (e.g. E:)
  4. Run the setup program by typing “setup.exe -lgntforce”
  5. Install game normally and decline when asked to install DirectX
  6. Browse to StrangeBedFellows and grab a copy of SS2Tool at the bottom of the post
  7. Run SS2Tool and select Patching Up, Getting Mod Ready and Bug Fixes
  8. Choose Widescreen Mod and DDFix if you have a widescreen monitor
  9. Press Ok. Most options will flicker by, with the exception of the widescreen mod, which will ask for your screen res
  10. Enjoy the game!

If you have any problems with items (for example, if you can’t pick something up or use a switch) then go to the game menu, options, controls and save your key bindings.


2 thoughts on “System Shock 2 on Windows 7

  1. Oh, very cool. Love that game. Had quite a time getting it to work in XP. šŸ™‚ Wonder if I can use wine to get it runnin in osx.

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