PS3 Media Server on Ubuntu 10.04

If you’re like me and you like to reduce the clutter in your loungeroom, but still want to be able to watch all your recorded TV shows and backed up DVDs, PS3 media server(PMS) might be something worth looking at. It’s stupidly easy to get up and running on Windows (i.e. as long as you […]


iPhone – Stay online in Airplane mode

Want to avoid being able to take calls or SMS messages, but still want to be able to use your iPhone for stuff like checking Twitter, acting as your iTunes remote or streaming porn movies with Airvideo? I suppose you could go in to call forwarding and push all your calls to voicemail, but there’s […]

Problems downloading iOS4?

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m using iTunes on Windows or if it’s because I’m with a shitty ISP, but every time I try to download iPhone software I get an error saying that the network connection was reset and the update bombs out. Instead, I had to directly download the software […]

Backing up your computer with Robocopy

Windows 7 has a great tool called “Windows Backup.” It’s great because it creates a system image, then zips up and copies all files specified to another hard disk or network drive.┬áBut what makes this kinda useless is the fact that every time you run the backup, it’ll copy everything over to the hard disk […]

Screen Brightness on Lenovo T400

If you’re having the problem on a T400 where you can’t change screen brightness, even after installing all the correct drivers, try the following: Right click on the green battery on your taskbar, go to ‘Switchable Graphics’ and select ‘Energy Saving.’ You should now be able to change your screen brightness both via the function […]

Move PuTTY settings to another computer

As an extreme nerd, I spend a lot of time either SSH’d or telnetted in to various servers around the world. I’ve tried a lot of different clients over the years, but nothing comes close to the simplicity and effectiveness of PuTTY. It works, it works well and it’s free. These things combined means it’s […]