iPhone – Stay online in Airplane mode

Skype still works

Want to avoid being able to take calls or SMS messages, but still want to be able to use your iPhone for stuff like checking Twitter, acting as your iTunes remote or streaming porn movies with Airvideo?

I suppose you could go in to call forwarding and push all your calls to voicemail, but there’s a delay while it’s trying to send the request to network and that’s annoying. I find this a bit better because it’s quicker, and there’s no “boop-biddy-boop” interference on my computer speakers when I’m sitting at my desk because the 2G radio isn’t ever going to turn on.

1. Turn on Airplane mode:

Airplane Mode

2. Go into Wi-Fi:

3. and set it back on:

Turn WiFi back on

4. Enjoy your “widescreen iPod” and “breakthrough internet device” without the “revolutionary mobile phone” bit:

Network is go!

5. Oh, and you can still make calls if you want to:

Skype still works


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