HP Touchpad: Muffle System Logging IPKG Error

After the recent 3.0.4 update to HP’s Touchpad, the Muffle System Logging patch was being broken, and was unable to be updated or removed. I found it irritating because I had to manually update all the other patches one by one instead of using the ‘update all’ button.

Here’s how I fixed it:

1. Fire up Preware, and press the drop down option in the top left hand corner of the screen marked Preware.
2. Select Saved Package List. This is a list of all the packages you have installed on your Touchpad.
3. Press the update button to synchronise this list. A notification will appear in the top right to say that the list has been updated successfully.
4. Press the back button to get back to the main screen of Preware. Tap in the search area at the top and search for Emergency.
5. In the returned list of packages, tap “Emergency Patch Recovery” and select Install. This patch will remove all custom Preware patches and updates, then ask you to reboot your Touchpad.
6. When your Touchpad starts up again, all your patches will be goneski. Not to worry, though – you don’t have to reinstall everything manually since you updated your patch list earlier.
7. Fire up Preware and select Saved Package List again.
8. Press Install All. Preware will reinstall all your patches and ask you to restart Luna.

You should now be able to install the new version of Muffle System Logging.


15 thoughts on “HP Touchpad: Muffle System Logging IPKG Error

  1. I agree with all the rest of the folks on this site, great job and precise instuctions.

  2. Thank you very much! This fixed the problem I’ve been having for a while now!

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  4. My muffle didnt need to be fixed. but it did fix the other error if got install another patch. Thank you!

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