HP Touchpad: WebOS 3.0.5 removes all patches

If you’re anything like me, the recent update to WebOS 3.0.5 was something exciting, as it proves our beloved platform isn’t going the way of the grave just yet. But if your experience is like mine, you updated and found that your touch ripple was back, your smoothness patches were gone, and everything was back to it’s pre-patched sluggishness.

Well, before you pull out the doctor and restore to 3.0.4, you can try adding the old patches feed and reinstalling them. The patches will run just fine until the new ones are written and released for 3.0.5, and you won’t have to put up with a vanilla touchpad until then.

All you need to do is:

  1. Fire up Preware, and press the drop down option in the top left hand corner of the screen marked Preware.
  2. Select Saved Package List. This is a list of all the packages you have installed on your Touchpad
  3. Press the update button to synchronise this list. A notification will appear in the top right to say that the list has been updated successfully
  4. Press the back button to get back to the main screen of Preware. Tap in the search area at the top and search for Emergency
  5. In the returned list of packages, tap “Emergency Patch Recovery” and select Install. This patch will remove all custom Preware patches and updates, then ask you to reboot your Touchpad
  6. When your Touchpad starts again, it will be totally vanilla and ready to have it’s patches reapplied
  7. Fire up preware, press the dropdown list in the top left, and select “Manage Feeds”
  8. You should see one in there called “webos-patches” which has its address as http://ipkg.preware.org/feeds/webos-patches/3.0.5. This is the new one which doesn’t contain anything yet.
  9. Right down the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a section to add a new feed. Call it something like “old patches” and set the address as http://ipkg.preware.org/feeds/webos-patches/3.0.4
  10. Press “Add Feed,” agree to the security popup, then click the back button in the top left hand corner of the screen
  11. You’ll be asked to refresh your package feeds. Press “Do it now” and let preware get the contents of your new feed
  12. When you drop back to the main preware screen, select the dropdown list and choose “Saved Package List”
  13. Press “Install All.” Preware will reinstall all your patches from the new feed, then ask you to restart Luna.
  14. Once you’ve restarted Luna, restart the whole Touchpad as well to ensure all your patches are running correctly

You should now have all your old patches, which will automatically update as they reappear in the new feed.



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