Download All Steam Games

Are you planning on moving to a new computer, upgrading or reinstalling Windows and you’re not looking forward to reinstalling all of the games you’re playing? In this example we’ll save a list of all the games which are currently installed, then on the new computer we can download them all at once.

Before reinstalling or moving to a new computer, you first need to create a collection of the games you want to install next time. In your games list in Steam, click the Advanced Filters button and check Installed Locally.

Don’t be tempted to save these games as a Dynamic Collection – once you reinstall, they won’t be installed locally anymore, and the collection will be blank.

Next, select the top game in the list, hold shift and click the last game in the list to select all of these games.

Click the Collections Button, and drag all the games to where it says “Drag Here to Create a New Collection”

Give your new collection a name and select Create Collection.

Once you’ve reinstalled Windows, install Steam. The simplest and quickest way is to use the Windows Package Manager by executing winget install valve.steam from an administrator command prompt.

Log back into Steam, browse to Collections and find the one you created. Click the first game, hold shift and click the last to select all, then right click and select Install Selected.

Select the installation location (if you use different volumes)

Click Next and then Finish. Then it’s probably time to go make a cup of tea.


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