Download All Steam Games

Are you planning on moving to a new computer, upgrading or reinstalling Windows and you’re not looking forward to reinstalling all of the games you’re playing? In this example we’ll save a list of all the games which are currently installed, then on the new computer we can download them all at once. Before reinstalling […]

The simplest and lightest shuffling music player for Linux

First, install MPG123, a super simple command-line media player: aptitude install mpg123 Then fire the following (or save it as a script): find /path/to/your/mp3/files/ -name ‘*.mp3’ | mpg123 -Z -@ – Find will pull a list of mp3 files in the specified folder, randomize them, and push them in to mpg123. Control-C will skip tracks […]

Mapping network folders to Windows Libraries

Say you’ve got a network share with all your music on it. Adding it to a Windows 8 library so you can access it from Windows Music seems like it’ll be simple, right? Well, not quite. Mapping the network drive and attempting to add it gives you this error: This network location can’t be included […]

HP Touchpad: Muffle System Logging IPKG Error

After the recent 3.0.4 update to HP’s Touchpad, the Muffle System Logging patch was being broken, and was unable to be updated or removed. I found it irritating because I had to manually update all the other patches one by one instead of using the ‘update all’ button. Here’s how I fixed it: 1. Fire […]

This is why it’s worth learning about advertising

A lot of people are asking what Apple’s target market is, and how they’re going to sell this iPad. These people are all stupid. Apple has told us exactly how they’re going to sell it. From Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price. Bam! That’s their selling […]

All moved in (again)

A little while ago I decided to move my blog from my home linux server to a Rackspace cloud server so that my frequent meddling with my home server wouldn’t keep bringing my site down. But today I decided that the easy-peasiest way for me to host this site would be to go full circle […]