Lync 2013 April Client Update

Microsoft have just announced the latest cumulative update for Lync server 2013 update for the Lync 2013 client. Edit: Turns out this is actually a client patch, which wasn’t telegraphed too well when the patch was first announced, hence the confusion. Regardless, it’s an impressive list of fixes which you should consider testing in your […]

Passwordless Logins with OpenSSH

I don’t know about you guys, but typing my password in whenever I want to get to one of my home servers is… well, it’s damn annoying. Thankfully there’s a way to export your private keys so when you log in to a computer you trust, you can have this act as your authentication mechanism […]

Lync 2013 Dialin Page Formatting

By default, the Lync 2013 dialin page, e.g., looks pretty awful. Text is rendered in default web types, and the table of available numbers is almost unreadable as all the columns are pushed together. I’ve seen other posts on repairing this issue by hacking the inline CSS to include some spacing for tables and horizontal […]

HP Touchpad: WebOS 3.0.5 removes all patches

If you’re anything like me, the recent update to WebOS 3.0.5 was something exciting, as it proves our beloved platform isn’t going the way of the grave just yet. But if your experience is like mine, you updated and found that your touch ripple was back, your smoothness patches were gone, and everything was back to […]

Problems downloading iOS?

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m using iTunes on Windows or if it’s because I’m with a shitty ISP, but every time I try to download iPhone software I get an error saying that the network connection was reset and the update bombs out. Instead, I had to directly download the software […]

Airvideo on Ubuntu the even easier way

For those of you who don’t know what Airvideo is, it’s a little piece of software which runs on a server in your home and allows you to watch videos on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad both in your home via WiFi and when you’re out and about on a 3G network. It transcodes video […]

Password Recovery on Cisco 1700 and 1800 Routers

Sometimes you’re going to come across a router you need to work on where someone’s changed the password and forgotten to write it down, and sometimes that person may or may not be you. Regardless of the reason, how to you get in to a router which you’re locked out of? You’ll need a few […]

Automating Usenet downloads with HellaVCR and SABnzbd+

Some people would say that I’m a lazy person, that I don’t want to do anything which requires any hard work. But I prefer to think of myself as efficient – Doing repeated complex tasks over and over irritates me, like scouring index sites for my favourite Linux isos. When a new version appears, it […]

Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 4.1 Golden Master

The Golden Master version of iOS 4.1 has been released to Apple Developers, but if you’re not a developer and still want to install 4.1 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, here’s how. Before you start, though, I have to point out that this is beta software,  so don’t upgrade if you’re worried about it […]