Being cautious about Heartbleed

If you haven’t heard, Heartbleed, aka CVE-2014-0160, is a vulnerability in OpenSSL – a cryptographic library which is used to secure a bunch of internet services via SSL/TLS. When you see the green https at the left hand side of your browser’s address bar, there’s a good chance that OpenSSL is behind the scenes, silently encrypting […]

The iPad 2 doesn’t seem faster

A lot of people have said that iPad 2 doesn’t seem appreciably faster than iPad 1. Has anyone stopped to consider that it’s probably because the apps you’re using are still written for a single core device? The same thing happened to computer users when dual core CPUs were released – sure, you could run […]

PS3 Media Server on Ubuntu 10.04

If you’re like me and you like to reduce the clutter in your loungeroom, but still want to be able to watch all your recorded TV shows and backed up DVDs, PS3 media server(PMS) might be something worth looking at. It’s stupidly easy to get up and running on Windows (i.e. as long as you […]

Backing up your computer with Robocopy

Windows 7 has a great tool called “Windows Backup.” It’s great because it creates a system image, then zips up and copies all files specified to another hard disk or network drive. But what makes this kinda useless is the fact that every time you run the backup, it’ll copy everything over to the hard disk […]

Screen Brightness on Lenovo T400

If you’re having the problem on a T400 where you can’t change screen brightness, even after installing all the correct drivers, try the following: Right click on the green battery on your taskbar, go to ‘Switchable Graphics’ and select ‘Energy Saving.’ You should now be able to change your screen brightness both via the function […]

Installing Windows 7 from a USB thumb drive

Carrying around DVDs is a bit of a pain when you’re installing Windows a bunch. For starters, they’re a slow medium, having to spin up a big circle of polycarbonate before they can have stuff read off them. They’re also quite bulky, and scratch with ease if you’re not fastidious about the safety of your optical media. […]

This is why it’s worth learning about advertising

A lot of people are asking what Apple’s target market is, and how they’re going to sell this iPad. These people are all stupid. Apple has told us exactly how they’re going to sell it. From Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price. Bam! That’s their selling […]

Virtualbox versus VMWare Workstation

As an IT guy, I need to be using Windows for my day to day desktop environment as there are many vendor specific applications I need to run on a day to day basis which simply aren’t available on unix variants. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to run Linux applications when I’m on […]

Linux… On a Memory Key?

Yes, you heard right, Linux fans. But it’s not as simple as all that. Today I’m going to be playing around with the new version of ACE management server from VMWare. As you probably know, they’re all for running normal operating systems in completely abnormal ways, and ACE lets us do even more abnormal things […]

X11 forwarding over SSH

Building a Linux server is a fairly simple affair. If you’re anything like me, you had some old hardware lying around which you shoved into a cheap case, stuck a copy of Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/Whatever on it, and bob’s your uncle. But once it’s up and running, should you dedicate a monitor/keyboard/mouse to a computer you barely […]