Network timeout while downloading iOS 4.0.1?


As with last time, some people are reporting problems while trying to download the 4.0.1 iOS update for their iPhones, where their network connection is interrupted and the download cancels. It’s also painfully slow when you’re in Australia or other third world (as far as internet connections go) countries. If you’re one of these people, you can grab the direct downloads here. They’re all direct links to the Apple servers.

Downloading direct is also a lot faster, especially if you’re using a Firefox add-on called “Down Them All!” which splits downloads into multiple chunks so that instead of being restricted to a single slow download, you can run ten slow downloads concurrently – effectively making your download run ten times as fast.

Once you have the file, connect your iPhone to iTunes 9.2 and perform a backup, then hold the Shift key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) while pressing the Upgrade button and select the firmware you downloaded to begin the upgrade process, or the Restore button if you want to install fresh.

This is why it’s worth learning about advertising


A lot of people are asking what Apple’s target market is, and how they’re going to sell this iPad. These people are all stupid. Apple has told us exactly how they’re going to sell it.


Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.

Bam! That’s their selling point! Somebody gets paid lots of money to write that sentence, and they earn it all, because that sentence will sell several billion of these things.

Geeks are getting pissed off because this isn’t a real computer/doesn’t run OS X/doesn’t have XYZ/is a glorified iPod touch. This is because geeks know nothing about advertising, which is another way of saying they don’t know how people work. Admen get paid to understand the entire planet and to synthesize it all into a sentence. So when you look at Apple’s advertising, you know that this isn’t just empty speech. Apple has figured out what the entire world wants and it is magic and revolution. That’s how they’re selling it. They figure the only people who won’t want an iPad are people who don’t like magic.

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Snow Leopard on Non-Apple Hardware


Building a hackintosh, an Apple computer which uses off-the-shelf hardware, can be a pretty daunting task. In the past I’ve struggled with confusing walk-throughs, been frustrated with shitty custom builds of OSX and generally thrown in the towel after about 4 hours of abject failure.

But all that changed when I found this article.

All you’ll need is something reasonably modern – in my case it was the following hardware:

  • Gigabyte X48-DS4 Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 3.2GHz
  • 4Gb of DDR2-800 RAM
  • Samsung F1 Spinpoint 1Tb

I also didn’t have a large enough USB memory stick, so instead I used an 80Gb 2.5″ hard disk and an IDE to USB adaptor. If your motherboard is able to boot from a USB key, it should be able to boot from one of these too.

Following the guide is relatively easy, but there is one step which was missed (at least in my case), and that’s the installation of Chameleon on your hard disk once you’ve finished the install. Unless you want to keep your USB key permanently plugged in to your system, I’d suggest you go through the boot installer steps again once you’ve finished and use the ID of your main hard disk.


iPhones and Ringtones, Oh my!


Pay? Fuck you!

Pay? Fuck you!

When I got my new iPhone 3G last week, the first thing I tried to do was to put a few custom ringtones on it so I could have something different to my coworkers – we’ve all got iPhones thanks to the fact that my company lets us have them at cost, which is nice, but when one phone goes off everyone reaches for their pocket.

Initially I couldn’t see a way to do it. There’s no way you can just right click on a song in iTunes and ‘convert to ringtone,’ and when you search for ringtones on the iTunes store, you get a stack of horrible noises not worth spending money on. Not to mention the commercial software out there to convert tones for you. I ended up Jailbreaking my iPhone so I could scp the files straight to it.

But there is a way to convert your songs. It’s quite simple, and doesn’t require any extra tools or money to be forked out, and doesn’t require jailbreaking.

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