Review: Star Trek: Tactical Assault (PSP & NDS)


[image title=”stta” size=”thumbnail” id=”467″ align=”right” linkto=”” ]My newest favorite game has to be Star Trek: Tactical Assault for PSP by Bethesda Softworks . Star Trek games in the past have been really hit and miss. Some have been Resonable, but most have been pretty woeful. Bethesda have taken the Star Trek games franchise to a completely new level, ushering in an age where Star Trek games are fast-paced, action-packed, and fun.

Tactical Assault is also available for the Nintendo DS, and each platform has it’s own bonuses. The DS, for example, makes extensive use of the touch screen for sheild placement, weapons controls etc. The Sony PSP, on the other hand, has a widescreen format and slightly sexier graphics (bump mapping, anyone?).

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