Mapping network folders to Windows Libraries

Say you’ve got a network share with all your music on it. Adding it to a Windows 8 library so you can access it from Windows Music seems like it’ll be simple, right? Well, not quite. Mapping the network drive and attempting to add it gives you this error: This network location can’t be included […]

Network timeout while downloading iOS 4.0.1?

As with last time, some people are reporting problems while trying to download the 4.0.1 iOS update for their iPhones, where their network connection is interrupted and the download cancels. It’s also painfully slow when you’re in Australia or other third world (as far as internet connections go) countries. If you’re one of these people, […]

Screen Brightness on Lenovo T400

If you’re having the problem on a T400 where you can’t change screen brightness, even after installing all the correct drivers, try the following: Right click on the green battery on your taskbar, go to ‘Switchable Graphics’ and select ‘Energy Saving.’ You should now be able to change your screen brightness both via the function […]

Move PuTTY settings to another computer

As an extreme nerd, I spend a lot of time either SSH’d or telnetted in to various servers around the world. I’ve tried a lot of different clients over the years, but nothing comes close to the simplicity and effectiveness of PuTTY. It works, it works well and it’s free. These things combined means it’s […]

System Shock 2 on Windows 7

A lot of people I talk to rave on about how good Bioshock was, but they don’t seem to realise that Bioshock is the spiritual successor to two great roleplaying first person shooters – System Shock and System Shock 2. My favourite of the two is System Shock 2 (SS2), a dark, gritty shooter with […]

Iphone screenshot howto

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone is a pretty simple affair, and doesn’t actually require a special app to make it happen. Simply press and hold the lock button, then tap the home button. The screen will flash, a camera shutter noise will be played, and your new screenshot will be dropped in your camera […]