Home NAS Expansion – Continued


In previous articles, I investigated using ZFS to build a home NAS, which is very simple and extremely effective.

But in this article, I discussed expanding that NAS by changing out disks one by one. While it’s easy to change the disks out and increase the size of your zpool, it doesn’t quite work because as your filesystem was created as raidz1, it will not increase in size.

That means that when you want to increase the size of your NAS down the track, you either have to copy all the files from your NAS on to an external device, then delete and recreate your zfs filesystem, or consider a different way of building the NAS in the first place.

So today I’m going to look at building a NAS with the same functionality as before, but with the ability for the disks to be easily changed out down the track to easily increase the size of your home storage system.

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