Lync Server 2013 2FE + 2BE High Availablity Issue

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  • Why 2 FEs?

Microsoft has clearly said that 2 FE topology is supported, but not recommended. Then why I still chose to deploy such a topology? In a word, the decision-maker made this choice. More considerations, a 3rd FE costs another Lync Server license and more resource, yet Microsoft hasn’t clearly mentioned that it could cause the following unexpected issue.

  • System Topology


Lync Server 2013
Enterprise Edition Pool, FE * 2
BE mirroring, BE01 as Principal, BE02 as Mirroring
Virtual machines on 2 physical hosts

  • HA considerations

Service can continue if any single server downs (FE or BE)
Service can continue if any single physical host downs (#1 or #2)


When testing HA, the following issue occurs:
(Single-server-failure test passed in any case, and physical-host #2-failure test passed as well)
If one FE and the Principal BE fail, even if you fail over BE to Mirroring BE…

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One thought on “Lync Server 2013 2FE + 2BE High Availablity Issue

  1. Sounds like MS need to have a special quorum mode for 2 nodes fabric use. Netapp do the same thing when there are is only 1 HA Pair (2 Nodes) in a cluster. You disable it when you add the 2nd HA Pair

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