Active Voice Repartee Database Corruption

The Active Voice Repartee voicemail system was originally built about 10 years ago and runs on OS/2 Warp. It’s one of the most stable and robust voicemail system ever built.
That being said, things do go wrong. On a system that I was working on the other day, we had a great problem with the database. Whenever the system started, we were prompted with a number of database errors.

One thing to try is to wait until the system fails to start then kill the process, drop back to the OS/2 desktop and run the following command from a command prompt (make sure you do a full backup before proceeding):
> vmailos2 dbfix  /f
This will start the voicemail in debug mode and automatically re-index all of the databases. If you want to go a step further you can delete all the .AVK files (database keys). Once this is complete, the voicemail should perform properly.

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